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The Metal Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization that enshrines
forever, those Iconic musicians, artists, music industry executives who are
responsible for making Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music what it is today.
Their contribution to the genre is invaluable, and they keep inspiring fans
throughout the world, from generation to generation.

The Annual Metal Hall of Fame Charity Gala is held every January in
Anaheim California. The event is hosted by Legendary Television/ Radio
Host Eddie Trunk, and celebrity personality Cathy Rankin. It is here that
the Icons of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal are Inducted, and perform in All-
Star Jams.

The Annual Metal Hall of Fame Charity Gala has included many
historical hard rock and heavy metal moments. For example, our idea of
having Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne assist in getting original Ozzy
drummer Lee Kerslake’s final wish of obtaining his Platinum record
awards for “Blizzard of Ozz” and “Diary of A Madman” after 39 years.
Having Metallica Induct Megaforce Records founders Jon and Marsha
Zazula. Inducting Judas Priest, members of KISS, Iron Maiden, and
Triumph, and Megadeth. Having Don Aireys surprise Induction for
Black Sabbath co-founding member Bill Ward, (especially after not
seeing each other since recording Black Sabbaths 1978 & Never Say
Die!! album). Inducting Anthrax, Rudy Sarzo, Twisted Sister, Mike
Portnoy, Voivod, Sebastian Bach, among other Legendary bands and
musicians. Having Kathy and Kelle Rhoads Induct their brother Randy
Rhoads. Having Wendy Dio Induct Ronnie James Dio, having Slayers
Kerri Kings surprise Induction for Brian Slagel and Metal Blade
Records 35th Anniversary. Having Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Geoff Tate,
Chris Poland, and Bjorn Englen perform in a historic metal Jam. Having
Paul Stanley Induct Doc McGhee. Having Brian May of Queen Induct
Joe Satriani. These are just some of the Legendary memories that we are
honored to have shared with Rock and Heavy Metal fans throughout the

The Annual Metal Hall of Fame Charity Gala is sponsored by Metallica’s
Blackened Whiskey, and others that have included Pepsi Cola,
Whiskey Network, Pearl Drums, TD Bank, Morgan Stanley, Sammy
Radio, Rocavaka, and Viper Guitars, among other major corporations.
With over 50 Million media views, the Annual Metal Hall of Fame Gala
has been covered by our media partners Bravewords, Loudwire, and
Metal Shock Finland, as well as being featured via Major Television,
Amazon Prime, People, Getty Images, the Associated Press, and other
major media print, radio, television, and online media outlets on a Global

Proceeds from the Annual Metal Hall of Fame Charity Gala, goes to
helping preserve Hard Rock and Heavy Metal for future generations, and
also brings free music programs to help special wounded veterans and
special needs children.

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