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New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal Part 3, in 2023: Haunt, Eternal Champion, Satan’s Fall, Burning

There are so many good, and great bands keeping the music alive from the U.S. traditional and New Wave of British Heavy Metal from the 80s like Maiden, Priest, Sabbath, Dio, Accept, Scorpions, Saxon, Diamond Head, etc. Just look at all the names in this collage, and several I talked about a couple years ago in parts 1 & 2 here at the Metal Hall. White Wizzard…are they still around? Cauldron. Striker dropped a new song ‘Circle of Evil’ (which is smokin) in 2023. Skullfist are still playing live supporting the new album “Paid In Full” (although I don’t think they will ever record something better than “Chasing the Dream”, it checks all the boxes). Night Demon have out three studio albums and a slew of singles. And Sweden’s Enforcer also released a new album in 2023, “Nostalgia”.

Keep up with everyone here, and more, at the NWOTHM full albums:

Saw Fresno Cali’s Haunt in the last year, with Night Demon, here in New Jersey at a small bar opening from NWOBHM Satan. These guys have been busy since 2017 with several eps, singles, and seven full length albums.  Like many of their peers the U.S. traditional and NWOBHM is the base influence, with fast to slower songs, and even a ballad once and a while, twin guitars, and melodic vocals. New album from 2023 really shows growth with variety, melodies and hooks (‘Fight The Good Fight’) the focus.

Check out the video single her

In the game since 2013, Texas’ Eternal Champion have this really big heavy crunchy sound, and voice to go with it that stands out, bold and strong. You can really hear these guys don’t sound the same as many others from this New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal.  With two full length studio albums (and a couple Eps, singles), the latest “Ravening Iron” from 2020.

Out of Finland comes Satan’s Fall. Can’t go wrong naming your band after a Mercyful Fate song, right? Well, does make for high expectation, yes. Their second album, “Destination Destruction” is equal parts the aggressive nature and musicianship with splashes of power metal gallop and melodies, a vocal style that goes from raspy to a mid range, melodic, and screaming highs, and it works depending on what each song needs. Even melodic early 80s Fates Warning moments, see ‘Monster’s Ball’, with nice Maiden or Accept twin harmonies.

All female Switzerland five piece Burning Witches have really climbed up the ladder quick since 2016, five albums later the latest, “The Dark Tower” released in 2023. Vocals are edgy but sung, like when Doro sings more aggressively. Riffs and lead work for days also attack the listener. Fantasy story telling lyrics and fitting artwork makes these ladies a force to pay attention to.


For the past 21 years, Rich Catino has been the director and a journalist for the Heavy Metal music webzine, Metal Asylum, ( where, along with staff, has the opportunity to review, interview, and photograph legends from the past, but more importantly giving attention to the present and future of the hard rock and heavy metal music scene. He is also a contributor at Bravewords from Canada alongside known journalists like Martin Popoff and Mark Gromen, and at Sea of Tranquility ( from time to time. Catino’s artistic resume includes special effects makeup for several independent films, and theater, writing and directing an original short horror film. Dressing the photo shoot for the goth/metal band The Bronx Casket Co. seen in the booklet for “Sweet Home Transylvania” in 2001. Also, building the miniature set as seen on the packaging for the Hellraiser toy line, to props and sets for haunted attractions.

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